Brings light into your life

and makes you the centre of attention.

Illumessence is unisex and develops an  entirely different scent on women than on men.

Illumessence is for those whose internal desire is to feel enlightened and balanced on a higher level; to reflect that to others around them, at the same time attracting people whose behaviour is most aligned with how they would like it to be.

Illumessence is based on an ancient recipe created originally for sultans and sheiks in order to maintain them on a high level and to make those around them regard them as enlightened/wise rather than just simply powerful.  From a position of such respect, it is easier to influence others.  This makes Illumessence an excellent aid for  business people when conducting negotiations.

The top note of Illumessence is Oud.  The heart/middle notes are Patchouli and Saffron.  Its base notes are Amber, Frankincense. The whole composition is similar to the scent of Musk, even though perfume doesn’t contain any of it.

Like all our perfumes, it is based on sacred Frankincense from Oman and contains only wild plant-based ingredients.

If this message resonates with you

don’t hesitate to select Illumessence as your perfume.