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These are no ordinary perfumes

…but actually, a blend of botanical essences of plants regarded as sacred in various parts of the world, due to their healing potential.  No synthetic fixatives or artificial/chemical products of any kind are used, so they are safe to spray on the body.  Theoretically they would be safe for internal consumption, as the alcohol used for dilution is made from the same grains as used for vodka, although our perfumes are not intended for internal use.

How they were born

Perfumes of today are not what they were originally intended to be.  Instead of containing only plant-based ingredients, predominantly selected for their healing potential, almost all, even the most luxurious, are nothing more than synthetic “fragrances”.  In fact the term “fragrance” has now become synonymous with synthetic scents.  Not just perfumes, but almost all personal care and cleaning products contain synthetic fragrances.

Scientific research in the last few years has highlighted the potential for such fragrances to accumulative as toxins in the body, with potentially serious health consequences.  Some studies even go as far as to suggest inhalation of such substances are potentially more damaging than application to the skin.

One such study published in October 2020 by Anne Steinemann:  “Fragranced consumer products:  exposure and effects from emissions” states:  “While prior research found that common fragranced products, even those called green and organic, emitted hazardous air pollutants, more than two thirds of the population were not aware of this, and over 60 % would not continue to use a fragranced product if they knew it emitted such pollutants.  Results from this study provide strong evidence that fragranced products can trigger adverse health effects in the general population.”

In the field of quantum physics, this problem is explained by the frequency lowering effect synthetic fragrances have on the body’s cells causing them to vibrate at a lower than healthy frequency, eventually leading to illness.

We searched far and wide across the globe for healthy/truly plant-based perfumes and found very little, certainly not at the luxury market level.  This led us to develop our own perfumes.

The message

Inhalation of scents from plants renowned for their powerful healing properties is thought to raise the frequency of certain cells, causing those unhealthy cells, which tend to vibrate at a lower than normal frequency, to increase the frequency of their vibration to a higher more healthy level, simultaneously having a harmonising and balancing effect overall.  Different plant species are thought to resonate better with different types of cells than others.  By contrast, synthetic fragrances distort the mechanism of transmission of messages inside our bodies.  Only pure plant-based products ensure those healing messages can be received loud and clear.

Balancing & Harmonising 

As already described above, inhalation sends information to the the body’s cells via the olfactory system, but the perfume ingredients also enter the body fluids from where they penetrate the whole body structure, including individual cells, thereby acting on a cellular level to change frequency.  All our perfumes have this effect, in particular, Illumessence, which raises frequency to a particularly high level.  The essences act directly on the hypothalamus and in particular the pineal gland, causing cells to function actively and in a balanced way.  This allows the system which controls the body on the level of thought production or frequency to be stimulated to function at a high level.  When cells vibrate at a high frequency, they become very efficient.  By contrast, those that remain at an abnormally low frequency for a prolonged period become inefficient, exposing them to the danger of mutating into pre‐cancerous or cancerous cells.  We believe real perfumes help to return cell frequency to a normal level thereby having a protective/preventative effect.

The Origins of Perfume

The world’s first historical record of a chemist and perfume-maker dates back to the 2nd millennium BC, when perfumes were used as medicines.  A female chemist, named Tapputi Belatekallim, an overseer of a royal palace in Mesopotamia, distilled essences of flowers and other aromatic materials, filtered them, added water and returned them to the still several times until she achieved the desired effect.  This 1200 BCE tablet describes some of her methods for extracting scent from plant material, including solvent extraction, distillation, and filtration.

With inspiration from such ancient recipes we have created completely plant-based botanical essences using hand selected, wild plants, painstakingly sourced from all around the world, often very remote locations.  These are then mixed with pure alcohol distilled from plants and left to age for several months before bottling.We bring back to life this ancient art of perfume-making with our SACRÉSSENCE range, based on the highest quality sacred Frankincense from Oman, which has been highly regarded for centuries by several different traditional medicine practices from various continents of the world for its wide-ranging health properties. 

It is also said to have been one of the precious gifts, alongside Gold & Myrrh, presented by the three kings/wise men to baby Jesus as a symbol of deity and is also widely appreciated for its balancing and harmonising qualities.

The benefits of Frankincense

Frankincense is used by many cultures and groups who, no matter their religion or philosophy, seek to achieve a higher spiritual state or enlightenment.  The burning of Frankincense in churches has for centuries been employed as a means to assist in prayer.  Meditators believe it aids in achieving a deeper state of meditation.  In our quantum age, many scientists have shown that raising the body’s frequencies to a higher level helps to accentuate repair and healing processes.  All our  perfumes are based on the highest quality real Frankincense oil from Oman, which is thought to resonate particularly well with human cells to achieve a healing/balancing effect.  Additionally it acts as a natural fixative, prolonging the time one application lasts, thereby avoiding the need for any synthetic fixatives, which are unfortunately present in most modern-day perfumes.  The strong fixative qualities of not only Frankincense but also Myrrh and other botanical ingredients ensure these perfumes last much longer than other synthetic perfumes.   



Our perfumes differ in many ways from the synthetic fragrances of today.  The natural ingredients in our botanical essences penetrate the skin and react with hormones in our body fluids, creating an individual scent which varies from person to person.  This quality makes them appeal to any sex.


Regular use of real perfumes made with the highest quality completely wild plant-based ingredients, inspired by ancient healing recipes can help to become more in tune with that which makes a positive contribution to health and well-being, and less desirous of that which is unhealthy.  The user becomes more in tune with what their body really needs for health and well-being, guided by a sense of smell that is no longer distorted by synthetic fragrances.  Unhealthy cravings fade away.

How To Use

Spray on the wrist, wait a few seconds, then rub with the other wrist, or spray on other parts of the body such as the neck, or rub a little behind the ears.  The initial scent that one perceives is only a small part of the spectrum that unfolds as a symphony of essences react to your body chemistry, body frequency, odors and pheromones.  As a result these perfumes create a completely different scent on each individual person.

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